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Re: Down Sides of Dating You

Originally Posted by FalCod View Post
Just remembered the other big downside. I was a cheap date. It seemed like most of my friends spent (in today's dollars) anywhere from $25 to $100 on a date. I was poor and then frugal and my dates were more in the $0 to $20 range. I had little choice when I was in college because I just didn't have enough spare cash.

After college, I realized that it was a useful filtering tool. I watched one of those high spending friends attract what he thought was a great catch (based solely on her appearance) only to have her bleed him dry and leave him deep in debt before dumping him. By not spending much on dates, I only attracted women that weren't big spenders.

My dates were fun (at least from my perspective). I took ladies out for hikes, to museums, to the beach, to play Frisbee, to go biking, and out for picnics. We did stuff that I thought was enjoyable, that I thought she would think was enjoyable, and that gave us lots of time to interact. I always hated movies as a date because you didn't get to interact.

It might not have been the best approach to getting lots of dates, but it worked out great in the end.
See, to me these sound like much more interesting date ideas than going out to dinner. And movies are generally lame for a date because you can't engage with the other person. (If I'm in a relationship, a movie date is nice, because if you go to a theater with the big cushy seats, you can snuggle when you watch the movie. And you may have been talking about it in the days or weeks leading up to seeing the movie, which builds a shared anticipation, all of which makes it more of a couple's activity.)

If I had been one of the young ladies dating you, @FalCod , I would have thought that you had a lot more going on upstairs than other guys, if you were able to come up with cool alternative date ideas like this.

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