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How does sex happen in your relationship?

So, I am am a generally a naked sleeper. Sex, when I was not single, was always just a bit of a snuggle in the morning.
If it happened during the day, it was either him or me saying “let’s f***” If we had time (I have always been “open”).
At night, it was always the same as the morning thing.
The only time I ever really said “no” was when we were in an argument or something like that, but other than that I was almost always good to go.
Even now that I am in early menopause, I am still like that.

I honestly think that it is how we are brought up. Some women are raised to just “put out” to reproduce and that is it. They just lack the capacity to enjoy intimacy.
I have my issues with ex’s, but not one of them will ever say that lack of great sex was the issue...and their behaviour many years after the fact proves that.

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