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Re: whistleblower complaint against Trump

Originally Posted by DownButNotOut View Post
Got it. So the next President has a green light to go after what Ivanka, Eric, and Don jr. have been up to while their daddy was President. Good to know. And if that happens to help him/her politically well its the Repubs fault.

Anything to avoid admitting what Trump did was wrong.
I think Hunter Biden was serving on the board because it was thought he could use his old man to protect the company. I don't think the President would be wrong to want this investigated. The fact that his old man is an opponent doesn't cut no ice. Our citizens need to know if a candidate for office is up to his neck in protecting corruption. Hell DBNO, the Dems, including candidates for President, have been going after Trump and his family member since before he was elected, including getting Russian, Ukrainian officials to participate.

"The facts have never mattered less than they do today. We're living in a time where the truth has been so diminished in value, even those at the top of government (and the media) are quite comfortable with the truth being whatever they can convince people to believe",
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