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What a bleak picture to relationships this forum

Man, I guess it is just boredom that brought me to revisting this site. I guess being mostly isolated from people now makes me appreciate the crap I don't have to endure. Nearly every post has to do with cheating, scandals, lack of sex, crappy sex, kid drama, in-law drama, etc, etc, etc. What the hell is wrong with people anymore? Just stumbled into the one on the men's page where the guy decided he needed to hook up with his
"10" and destroy his fun.....

I think I am starting to see why so many choose to escape life. The internet age has been a HUGE detriment to social society. Now "options" are just a tap away, but I guess the local watering hole is probably always full of "opportunities". I can't even point the finger at one sex, because both do the same thing.

If you need a "one stop shop" to promote complete isolation, this is it! It's like not even worth it. Find "the one" and sooner or later she will run off with "the next one" and you are back on the market, writing checks for kids that can't be cashed. What is the "American Dream" anymore?

All I have learned so far is people, be it man or woman, associate (at least with me) out of want or need. Men want to associate so you can provide "wing support" or information to help them in some way. Women are looking for a "partner" to write checks, hold hands, and be "the guy" until the next comes along.

So what is it about humanity that makes people here want to stay in this circle of constant drama?

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