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Re: What a bleak picture to relationships this forum

Originally Posted by Prodigal View Post

Men want "wing support" (whatever the hell THAT means) and "information" (also, whatever the hell THAT means) while women are seeking out men to "write checks" until the next sucker comes along.

Sounds like men have rather innocent needs while women are sniffing around for a paycheck and free ride, according to your outlook.
"wing support" means "wing man", which means "act like we are friends while I survey the area for women..... As I mentioned, just as a perspective of myself, men typically only contact me when they need or want something. I carry a wealth of knowledge except for relationships so men tend to bother we with all their plumbing, electrical, auto, mechanical issues. I have got rid of most of them once I stopped the "freebie" hemorrhage.

No, I am not looking to demean women here, as many are truly independent and professional, but many that I have encountered stack up "opportunities" based on looks, then money, then status, THEN personality and quality. I have sat in on "girl chat" before. It is depressing. There is a LARGE group of women in my area that hover around the mentality (and I think many really do) that you work HARD to make yourself look appealing to men, so you can be taken in, where you don't have to work, just raise them kiddos and watch soaps, and jabber.

BUT, before people attack that, as I just mentioned, I know plenty that are hard working professional types. It is just that I have met a LARGE number of women that basically work for minimum wage but live like they are famous. Their basic play in life is to find someone to write the big checks for them. Hell, I damn near married one. I know all about gold diggers.

But men....Lets just say even my BEST friends are wired the same. "She is pretty, you should keep her"...... that is all that matters. So I am not saying only women are shallow.

But people still want to throw that ring on, like it means something. Vows could never mean less.....
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