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Re: What a bleak picture to relationships this forum

Originally Posted by bobsmith View Post
I am not sure why the thread steered towards me. I was basically wondering how and why people still desire this "marriage/kids/spouse/etc/etc"? Statistics, threads on this site, and even one moderator, seem to indicate that this mentality is flawed IMO. Around 50% of people in at least America are married. Of that 50%, at least 50% will divorce (it will be messy, count on it), and of those that decide to walk the plank again, another 60% of those will divorce again, and again, and again.........Who usually wins in the USA? Women.... You betcha, especially if there are kids involved, unless the woman can be proven as a mental case suitable for a straight jacket, she will be given higher rank as the parent.

Yet, people seek to keep doing it..... Even on this site, basically no one comes here to say "I love my life", it is usually quite the opposite. Is this like the lottery where the odds are SO stacked, yet that micro chance of happiness makes it all worth it?
Of course not it is a site to help people with their marital problems, so go figure!

The life you have, is the life you create

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