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Re: What a bleak picture to relationships this forum

Originally Posted by bobsmith View Post
I don't consider myself "bitter" and I don't project that attitude to others. I have just changed. Calloused is probably the right word. My dad recently almost died and I guess it was a good test to how calloused I am now. To be right honest, I realized that I was way too sensitive and I needed to become more non-reactive to survive better in this world. I think women were built strategically to open someone's feelers like an onion, then grab the lighter fluid once everything is open.

And people probably think I am just projecting my "hurt feelings", but really, it's seriously like continuously grabbing a hot fence wire repeatedly! At some point, you smarten up.

What I have been able to do is "get out of the game". I spent many years in the game and I can assure that staying on the sidelines gives a totally different perspective. You literally get to study all the "plays" and see what people do. You also learn how many have "secret lives", which is a LOT.

I am certainly not advocating to "go be single", but wow, the odds just aren't good, and the down side is not good. I realize this site is a pool of "problems" but even when I look over my FB list, there is about 50% or more than have lost at the game. And they will all just saddle up and do it again, and again, and finally stick with someone when they are about 60 because they need help getting up the steps. OMG, there are a few female singles on my FB that constantly need to post how they don't need a man, they are super strong, but today I need one, single sucks, single life, blah!!!!! We get it! You are single and need to get laid!
Ohmygosh!!! You've reverse-engineered the Inuit word for snow.

"Bitter". "Calloused". "Problems".

All female words for "No".


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