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He’s 61 and yes seen specialist a few times over the years. Had Viagra and alike in the past, had something go wrong, sudden bruising causing it to be bent over 2 years ago, they said nothing they can do. Was offered a pump, it didn’t work for him and this year offered some injection thing at low dose it didn’t work. He wouldn’t bother Persevering or asking if he can try a higher dose. I’ve tried everything I can, I flirt, try it on. Lost weight, started running, had a tummy tuck and really made an effort but nothing. It’s sad, as we are a family and the kids love Dad but I’m really struggling getting no attention at all off him. I’ve talked until I’ve cried and he says he understands but he does nothing. I feel like my life is over.
Would he and you be open to him pleasing you sexually even if he can't get an erection?
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