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Re: Be honest, I can take it

Originally Posted by mommatoaj View Post
I am looking for advice and I need it from someone not involved. And yes I spoke to my husband about it first. For reference, it is about texts, my husband and his female boss (she is mid 30's and attractive and divorcing), who I will call A. I noticed, what I thought was an odd text from A. I proceeded to look back and noticed others that I found too "friendly". And way too many emoticons
They are as follows: A-Please don't kill me and don't be mad at me, but I have to cancel our meeting. I'm so so sorry. (seems a little less than a professional text, at least to me).
A-Make sure you RSVP for the company party (why text only him about RSVP?).
A-I LOVED your joke about the party. You are so funny!
Is it me or do these seem overly friendly? Or are they just fine and our past issues are clouding my judgment? Tell the truth I can handle it
I literally have hundreds of these kinds of texts from coworkers. None of them are inappropriate.

I cannot speak to what his judgement, or lack thereof is or was. But these on their own are literally nothing.
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